Fashion industry is a dynamic industry where trends are developed. Each year we see many new trends on the catwalk. From longs shirts with palazzo pants to capri jeans and kurti’s, we see a variety of new cuts, designs and style. One new trend that I have been seeing lately is CROP TOP. 

Crop Top are also known as midriff tops. Although the length of the top can vary, crop tops usually expose the belly section. At first, I noticed it on PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2015. Many designers did crop tops in variety of style. Although catwalk clothes don’t usually represent a common Pakistani women’s wardrobe, the trend has set its foot outside the ramp. 

If you have seen the 3rd Hum TV Awards or seen the pictures of celebrities on the red carpet of 3rd Hum TV Awards, you should have seen many celebrities wearing this such as Sanam, Saeed, Aeysha Omar and Mahira Khan. 

As I was doing some research, I found out that this trend is not entirely new among celebrities. Ainy Jafri also wore a crop top on her mehndi function in 2013, but I didn’t give it much attention as I hadn’t noticed many wearing this. However, now that more and more celebrities are promoting this trend I wonder what will happen if this trend flourishes outside the glitter and glamour industry. If we shift from long, full covered, dresses to short dresses and crop tops, what will it say about us as residents of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. I am not so sure if it really fits with our values. Of course, one little crop tops will not change the thinking of a society and there are BIGGER matters we need to worry about. Of course there are many other trends that fashion industry promotes which don't fit in our society as well. Just google Pakistani Fashion Week and you'll see it yourself. But still, we can’t ignore these smaller things.

My question to you is, what do you think about this new trend? Do you see it getting bigger? Let us know whether you like it or would you want it to disappear as soon as possible?
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