Bridal dresses vary from light ‘kaam’ (read: embroidery work) to very heavy ones. Too much kaam on the shirt and lehenga does not create as much problem for the bride as it does on the dupatta. The dupatta needs to be fixed with pins otherwise it will fall from the head during the ceremony. Whether it is heavy or light, the dupatta has to be set properly so that it looks stylish and does not become an obstacle for the bride.

Bridal Dupatta Setting
If just one person is setting the dupatta then it is better to begin with the shoulders. Rest the dupatta on the shoulders and pin it according to the desired style. Once it is secured, pull the dupatta on the head and secure it with hairpins. This technique will prevent the hairstyle to be ruined by the heavy dupatta as the weight of the dupatta has been reduced by setting it on the shoulders first. However, if there are more people around then it is better if one person holds the sides of the dupatta while other places it on the head. After securing it, the dupatta can be draped according to the style and secured on the shoulders with safety pins.  

There are many styles to set a bridal dupatta, but not all styles work for every kind of dupatta. It is better to try to set the dupatta at least once before the wedding day so that there are no surprises. Few styles to set the bridal dupatta are presented below to give you an idea. 

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