Every girl wants to look her best at her wedding day and she is rightly entitled to. It is her moment to shine and sparkle, while a new chapter opens up. Below are few beauty tips for a bride-to-be to prepare herself for the wedding day.

*  Basic skin-care routine
Some brides do not start taking care of their skin until the very last moment. It is very crucial to follow a basic skin-care routine whether you are a bride or not, because it will help your skin condition. So brides, if you are planning to start your beauty routine two weeks prior to the wedding, think again. You will do yourself and your skin a huge favour if you begin with a basic skin-care routine as soon as possible.
*  Facials
Regular facials should be on the list of every bride. Depending on the treatment you chose, facials minimize pores, eliminate harmful toxins, improve the skin’s condition and give your skin a healthy glow. It is advisable to get a facial done once a week or twice a month. But do not do it daily, because it can be a bit harsh for your skin.  Again, do not start two weeks prior your big day as every skin reacts differently on these treatments.
*  Manicure and pedicure
Do not forget your hands and feet. These treatments hydrate, exfoliate and improve the health of the skin. Your hands and feet look well-maintained and smooth.
*  Fitness/Workout
Once the wedding date has been set, you might want to get your body in shape for your big day. But do not set your goals too high as the chances of giving up are high. So be realistic while setting your target. You can either join the gym or find some exercises online.
*  Hair treatment
Is your hair in need of a treatment, book an appointment few weeks before your wedding day. There are many treatments to improve the texture of your hair and regular trimming can deal with the split ends.
*  Waxing
If you have never waxed before but you want to get it done, you might want to start few months before to get familiar with the procedure and you will also know how your skin reacts to it. It is advisable to let the professionals do the waxing before the wedding functions start as it is less stressful for the bride and the chances that something goes wrong a a little less. However, make sure the salon is hygienic and reputable.
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