We no longer live in the world where a line of kajal, a dab of surkhi and a hint of powder was considered a complete bridal make-up look. Today with the huge variety of salons, make-up artist and their techniques open up a world of possibilities. The unwritten rules of ‘everything has to match’ or ‘the more, the better’ do not apply any more. Whatever look you opt to go for, remember that it has to suit you and you should feel comfortable. To give you some idea, few looks are presented below.

Source: Mona J facebook
 Traditional look: A traditional make-up look is usually shimmery brown/gold (maybe a hint of red) on the eyes with red lips, usually worn in the rukhsati day. This look will always have a very classy and chic feel to it as it is eternal. 

Source: Mona J facebook
Smokey look: This look is more popular for the walima. The focus is on the eyes and the lips can be in peach/pink nude colour. It looks modern and gives the bride a very sophisticated look.

Source: Fashioncentral
Bronzed look: A very simple yet elegant look. The best thing about this look is that it goes with every outfit and can be worn in either rukhsati or waleema. 

As the bride of today is willing to try something new and goes for an outfit which is not always in traditional red colour and the designers are coming up with different colour combination, the make-up artists are challenged to show versatility in their work. It should be taken in account that it is not just about the make-up. A balance between the bridal outfit, make-up and jewellery has to be maintained to achieve the best look.

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