Sana Safinaz is a well-known and reputable label created by two tremendously talented designers, Sana Hashwaniand Safinaz Muneer. From gorgeous and embellished bridal designs to cool and fresh lawn designs, Sana Safinaz's collection has never disappointed the clients. No doubt, they are one of the leading fashion designers of Pakistan.
Sana and Safinaz
When The Express Tribune asked them that if they had to pick one from all their ventures, which one should survive , Sana answered, Bridal. Good choice! Their bridal collection is chic, graceful and elegant. According to the due, their cuts are simple, but streamlined, giving bride a very sleek look. They have been able to successfully combine Pakistani tradition with modern fashion.

Both designers love fashion and the dedication is shown in their work. To bring out a new and original collection every year is not easy and requires a lot of hard work. Constant innovation is the key to their success and that is why their designs bring uniqueness in the fashion industry.

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